About American Academy of Project Management

The American Academy of Project Management AAPM offers qualified professionals with several distinct levels of sought-after project management certifications : Project Manager E-Business (PME), Master Project Manager (MPM), and Certified International Project Manage (CIPM). Geared toward executives and managers, certifications require three years of verified leadership experience or the completion of accredited degree programs, seminars and training programs approved by the International American Academy of Project Management. In addition, professional, executive, and academic waivers are offered to certain individuals with graduate credentials who have completed accredited exams and government approved training including PhD holders, MBAs, engineers and licensed contractors, armed forces members, and military veterans.

The AAPM has had chapters at major accredited programs such as CUNY City University New York Executive Diploma Program, University of California Silicon Valley, George Washington University Masters programs, and also in Moscow – Hong Kong and other major institutions. Project Management Resource Group (PMRG) is the AAPM’s USA provider of MPM and CIPM certification courses, which enable individuals to gain critical experience and work toward a globally recognized industry certification. Coursework emphasizes cutting-edge tools and skills that enable passing of various global PM Certification exams. The MPM course is designed to collaboratively reinforce existing knowledge among experienced managers and help develop new skills among younger professionals.

The AAPM has members in over 150 countries.



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